Genevieve Leong

b. 1992, Singapore
Based in London & Singapore

Genevieve Leong completed her BA Fine Art (Photography & Digital Imaging) at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media (NTU, ADM), Singapore. She is currently doing her MA Contemporary Art Practice (Critical Practice) 
at the Royal College of Art (RCA), London, and is due to complete the course in June 2019.  

Genevieve Leong is a visual artist whose practice attempts to visualise the intangible. She is often intrigued by
emotions that come in quietness and how that same quietness transforms common places into unfamiliar spaces.
The starting point of her work is often image-based, and the image then becomes a trigger point in realising
the visualisation of the intangible through other varied elements like installation, text, moving image.



2017-2019   Royal College of Art, London, UK (MA Contemporary Art Practice, Critical Practice)
2011-2015    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (BA Fine Art, Photography & Digital Imaging)

Work Experience
2015-2017   Gallery Assistant, Ota Fine Arts, Singapore

Group Exhibitions
2018   'New Margins' by THEBOOKSHOW, DECK, Singapore
2018   ‘DISRUPT’ by Subject Matter, London, UK
2016   Noise Singapore 2016 Alumni Exhibition, Esplanade Concourse, Singapore
2016   ‘Undescribed’, DECK, Singapore
2015   ‘Reiterated Spaces’, Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore
2014   Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China
2014   Noise Apprenticeship Programme, 8Q, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2018   ‘our breaths are short, this breeze untameable’ 
           (Stocked at The Photographers’ Gallery, London UK, and THEBOOKSHOW, Singapore)
2017   ‘air’ (Stocked at THEBOOKSHOW, Singapore)
2014   ‘Come Home’
2014   ‘secrets’ (Stocked at THEBOOKSHOW, Singapore)